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This is a private club for the Old City's elite, Guests are attended to by nude servants and plied with fine foods, liquors and company as desired. This club has been around for a long time, and has become the favorite place for the wealthiest inhabitants of the district, and many from the rest of the city, to meet and dine. Many of the city's greatest business deals have been concluded inside this establishment.

The Club for Gentlemen has existed for nearly a century. It was originally founded by a group of merchants looking for a private place to meet and discuss possible deals, and first met in borrowed space inside the Fortress of Justice. After a while, they realized they needed a building of their own to guarantee security and privacy, and they bought an old tenement house to tear down and rebuild. Since then, the Club has occupied its current building, and has done everything in its power to keep a low public profile.

The Club occupies a well-built but discreet stone building set against the wall in the northeastern corner of the Old City. The outside of the building reflects the organization's desire for minimal attention, as it shows no sign of the wealth and power of its inhabitants. Inside, the furnishings are uniformly luxurious and expensive, featuring all manner of imported materials and artworks. An extensive staff of servants ensures that the needs of all guests are immediately met.

Prominent NPCs
Falen Jenn: Jenn runs the Club. He is a quiet, dignified man, who takes great pride in ensuring everything is running as smoothly as possible. He grew up in the city, and came to work for the Club as a teenager. He eventually rose to his current position, and understands well the importance of always remaining neutral in the disputes between the Club's many powerful members. He makes a point of keeping his own personality as hidden as possible, and of never letting on that he knows anything at all about the discussions that take place within.

Captain Garth Varellion: Captain of the Christina, Garth Varellion had designs on the Sea Lord’s seat, as he could see no better candidate. Far too shallow and self-absorbed to do much of anything except take care of himself, he had few supporters. Add to this his old ties to the Drac family, his claim to be the next Sea Lord met with jeers of derision and laughter. Varellion has withdrawn ever since, simmering with hate and plotting to improve his tarnished image.

Captain Hector Torian: About seven years ago, the pirate captain of the Sea Ghost retired from the sea to seek a new life as a politician. Having sailed the seas for over thirty years, Torian learned to take life less seriously and is a fun-loving, generous man, traits uncommon for the notoriously criminal Captains’ Council. Torian supported Milton Drac to the end, despite the cost and excess that went into the Lighthouse, because he felt that he owed his career to the Sea Lord. With Drac’s madness revealed, Hector remained true to the family despite the flaws in the man, and voted against repealing the Law of Succession as he worked to find an heir. To this day, he clings to the hope that a viable heir will appear one day.

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