19 Rose Alley

While Scurvytown is home to most of Freeport's houses of ill repute, there are a few in the Docks. This is especially true of the eastern end of the Docks, the area that sits immediately adjacent to Scurvytown. Rose Alley is a smallish avenue that has developed a reputation as an excellent place to find such activities.

The eastern end of the docks has been a run-down mess, barely patrolled by the watch, for as long as anyone can remember. Consequently, brothels, drug dens and gambling houses have always tended to congregate here. Rose Alley is not a single establishment; rather it is an assembly of places where a variety of pleasures, legal and illegal, can be found.

Rose Alley is a narrow, messy street that has obviously not been cleaned in many years. The buildings along it are in uniformly poor shape, and show no signs of regular care and maintenance. It is difficult to tell what purpose they were originally intended to serve, but they have now been colonized by assorted criminals, pleasure-seekers and other desperate or degenerate people.

Prominent Characters
Madame Rose: A surprisingly attractive and well-kept young woman with short, almost military hair. No-one knows her by any other name, and she appears to like it that way. She has become perhaps the most prominent person on the Alley, using her persuasive and organizational skills to assemble many of the locals into her orbit. She provides a fair measure of protection for her followers in exchange for a solid slice of their earnings, and so has become more or less the ruler of the street.

All manner of rumors surround her, as none of the street dwellers can say where she came from. Some say she was a regular streetwalker who learned how to exploit the system, while others accuse her of affiliation with any of a dozen cults and evil gods. She has never given any sign of what she plans to do with her new-found fame and influence.

Raziya: A small, filthy child in a soot-stained woolen dress with matted fleece ringing the cuffs. Her hair is so long and matted that it is no longer possible to tell its original color. Her large green eyes and oddly musical accent suggest she may have elven blood. She is extremely shy and almost feral, remembering nothing of her life before she was found stowed away on a merchant ship about a year ago. She was offloaded in Freeport, as the crew had no use for her and no idea of where she came from.

Since then, she has lived in the Alley, somehow managing to survive as a young, barely articulate girl in a strange, violent city.

Aporcus Beedle: For some folks, there is no hope. A sullen youth with a mean streak and nasty temper, Beedle is a despicable wretch. Currently, he preys on visitors, haunting the alleys of the Docks and slicing up folks for a few pieces of silver.

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