18 The Turtle S Shell

One of the Eastern District's most well-regarded armories, the Turtle's Shell custom crafts every suit of armor they sell. They work in both metal and leather, and so have a wide variety for customers to choose from. As befits a nautical city, they specialize in lighter armors, especially studded leather and chain shirts. Many of Freeport's better-known privateers and adventurers wear armor with a turtle shell carved somewhere.

Despite its impressive reputation, the Turtle's Shell has been around for only a few years. Tanner is an experienced dwarven craftsma, and his work did not need extended exposure to be noticed. In its earlier years, the store tended to focus on the heavier armors typically preferred by dwarves, which limited its market considerably. However, Tanner is more than smart enough to understand his situation, and he quickly learned to make the lighter gear his customers demanded.

The Shell sits in what used to be a city-administration office building. Tanner has steadily reworked the structure to better fit his needs, with space for the firepits needed to support his work as well as room for the leatherworkers he has learned to incorporate. The building was once somewhat grand, with maritime symbols carved and painted in several different places. Tanner's dwarven pride ensures that it stays well-maintained, but he has committed himself to repainting it in a style more appropriate to his background.

Prominent NPCs
Kerrik Tanner: Tanner is a dour, bitter dwarf, renowned for his surly manner and sometimes erratic temper. He came to Freeport from Verdentor after his home city surrendered to the Verdish military after a long, stubborn resistance, and he has a typically dwarven unwillingness to forget the humiliation. He works at his traditional craft, as he needs to support himself, but he makes it very plain he would rather be somewhere else.

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