18 Mickeys Pleasures

A minor brothel, this place languishes in the shadow of the House of Serenity. It sits in a relative corner of the Old City, near the gate to the Docks and just down the road from the Keelhaul tavern. Unlike the more expensive establishments in the district, it caters primarily to sailors and other guests from the Docks, who believe that a brothel in the Old City will be safer than one of the dives nearer the quays.

Mickey's Pleasures has not been around for long. It was set up only a couple of years ago, after Daris left the House of Serenity in somewhat unclear circumstances. He set up a competing establishment, but does not have the budget to seriously compete with hos former employers, and so makes do with attracting what custom he can from the Docks and the Eastern District.

The building that houses the brothel was originally a storeroom used by several local storekeepers as a temporary repository for their merchandise, and it has not yet been seriously cleaned up. The exterior still looks exactly as it did before, while inside, only the bedrooms have been properly set up. The rest of the building is messy, smelly and rat-infested.

Prominent NPCs
Mickey Daris: A smooth-talking man who is always well-dressed, Daris still comes across as somewhat sleazy. He is the owner of the establishment, set up after he left his job as an assistant manager at the House of Serenity. He would like to raise his new venture to the prominent position occupied by the House, but has a very long way to go.

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