18 Blood Den

Once upon a time, the Blood Den was the largest gambling den in Scurvytown, and probably in the city overall. Local legends still talk about some of the games that occurred here, and some of the epic brawls that followed them. The stories say that the Watch used to avoid the area completely on festival nights, as it simply did not have the manpower to control the chaos that erupted on more than one occasion.

However, the place has fallen on hard times more recently. The criminals who ran it were a little too ready to tolerate (and organize) fixed games, and eventually the local people caught on to this. The Den is now a shadow of what it was, with local patrons generally heading elsewhere. It still attracts some sailors and other visitors drawn by its old reputation, but that is not enough to keep it going for ever.

The Den has been around for years in various forms, with a variety of different local criminals and gangsters fighting each other for the privilege of owning it. Recently, it has become much less valuable, and the fighting seems to have stopped.

As with so many of those who have owned the place over the years, Naosh thinks of himself as a prominent member of the Freeport underworld due simply to the fact that he is the master of the Den. That title meant a little once, but now no-one outside the district cares the least bit for him or the Den.

Earlier in its life, the Den generated a lot of money. In addition to that, the prestige it conferred upon the gangsters who ran it motivated them to spend some of it on decorating the building to advertise their glory to the world. As a result of these influences, the Den is an impressive structure by Scurvytown standards, even it has begun to fall into disrepair.

The problem is that each successive owner had different (invariably bad) tastes. This has left the Den adorned, inside and out, with an awful mixture of different colors and styles of furniture. The locals never much cared about that, but the effect does deter some visitors from spending too long.

Prominent NPCs
Naosh: A tall, proud young man invariably dressed in what he believes to be the latest fashions from Eroth, Naosh is the current owner of the Den. He does his best to act like a good host, and has been known to hire whatever performers are currently in town and within his price range to try and attract customers.

However, he also doesn't really try to disguise the fact that he runs a local gang that controls this area of Scurvytown. While he isn't anywhere near the level of Finn or Mr Wednesday, he is still quite happy to brag about his power and influence as a legendary gang leader to anyone who will listen to him.

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