17 Urian S Forge

Urian's Forge is a straightforward blacksmithy. It caters mostly to the sailors that pass through the city, offering a wide range of metal weapons, armor and tools. In addition to the steady business in naval supplies, the Forge is a popular source of weapons for the One Ring, as it has a reputation for reasonable quality and prices.

The Forge has been around for quite a while. It started as a small independent blacksmith operation, but Urian shrewdly realized that he could build a name for himself by supplying cheap weapons and armor to fighters in the One Ring, and paying winners to proclaim the quality of his products in their victory speeches. This gained him a reputation, and also enough money to buy a building of his own. The Forge now sells mostly to sailors, capitalizing on its prominent waterfront location.

The Forge is a solid, mostly stone building. Urian has made a series of changes to what was originally a seedy dockside tavern, all designed to make it a better place for a blacksmith to work. He and his family live above the shop, in a building that is otherwise unremarkable.

Prominent Characters
Urian Talgriff: A grizzled old man, Urian has become a fixture on the Docks. He sells a range of standard weapons, tools and armor made by his apprentices, and will take custom orders from those prepared to pay for them.

In his youth, Urian was an adventurer of sorts, and spent a fair amount of time fighting as a mercenary in the Mark and Emic. However, he abandoned that career after realizing the pointlessness of most of the wars he was fighting, and returned to Freeport to take up his father's trade as a blacksmith. His father had trained hi well, and young Urian quickly built up a solid reputation.

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