17 The Matchlock

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The Matchlock specializes in selling firearms. It is currently the only seller of such weapons and the ammunition they need in the city. The store sells guns made mostly by the dwarven craftsmen from Kolters Gunsmiths, and these are as good as those that can be found anywhere. The problem, of course, is that gunpowder can only be made stable with alchemical additives found in Coral Reef. Somehow, The Matchlock is able to secure a supply of these, though exactly how is not clear to most.

The Matchlock has only been around for a couple of years. In that time, it has developed a reputation as a source of well-made guns and dependable ammunition for them, but also for prices that make it difficult for most people to acquire one. Despite (or perhaps because of) this, a growing number of people want to own a gun, even if only as an easily visible indication of their wealth and knowledge of the latest trends and developments.

The Matchlock occupies a stout, solid stone building near the gate to the Eastern District. Outside, it features a large barrel designed to resemble a powder keg set just outside the front door, as well as a sculpted pistol hanging over the door. Inside, the building features a smallish main showroom for customers to examine the currently available weapons. Off to one side, a narrow shooting range allows those rich enough to afford the ammunition to learn to shoot with the guidance of the staff.

Prominent NPCs
Niles Chaman: An unusually cheerful dwarf, Chaman runs the Matchlock. He plays a large role in the manufacture and repair of the guns sold by the store, and is always willing to give shooting lessons to those customers that can afford the ammunition. He grew up in the city, a member of its small dwarven community, and learned how to make guns while living with relatives in Coral Reef. Running the store has made him a relatively wealthy man, and he has become a prominent supporter of the town's temple to Utua.

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