17 The Lucky Lady

This cheap flophouse sells some food and drink, but much of its business comes from supplying Institute students with a variety of mind-altering substances for (allegedly) low prices. The food and drink available are widely reputed to be leftovers or rejected supplies from other local establishments with higher standards, but the other products available for sale are generally of better quality.

There have always been a series of degenerate dives scattered around the north-west of the city, providing cheap services for the local student population. The Lady is perhaps the oldest (not that anyone really keeps track), and has become the favored haunt of the less dedicated members of the Institute. It has had many owners over the years, as selling narcotics is not a stable trade, but none of the customers care much, or even notice most of the changes.

The Lady sits in what once was an Institute dormitory, abandoned once it could afford better buildings further south. It was colonized by poorer students looking for somewhere to stay, and became what it is today. It looks much as would be expected from such a poor and uncaring history, and is perhaps even less cared for inside. It is not a place that attracts guests with the budget to afford any of the other local taverns.

Prominent NPCs
Nulene Chard A quiet, powerfully built man with an impressive collection of scars, Chard runs the Lady. He makes no attempt to prevent his customers from drinking or smoking whatever they please, as long as they avoid any violence and pay the house its cut of whatever transactions occur. None of his customers know much about him, and none seem to have much interest in changing that.

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