17 The Junk Store

The Junk Store is an infamous brothel renowned for letting anything go within its walls. Unlike most of the local brothels, the Store doesn't try to hide its affiliation with the city's more organized underworld. Weverly has no problem letting people know he is closely associated with the Syndicate, and that Finn will protect him if the going gets rough.

The Store has only been around for a few months. Weverly established it with the money he brought from his previous career, and he has made every possible attempt to maximize its infamous reputation.

The Store sits in a relatively new building by Scurvytown standards. The simple, two-floor wooden building was erected after the previous one burned down in one of the fires that are a regular part of local life. The replacement structure was originally set up as a tenement building, but Weverly bought it before anyone could move in. Since the Store has been in business, the building's interior has steadily fallen apart through the lack of maintenance and the rough treatment from the clientele.

Prominent NPCs
Weverly: A messily dressed, skinnily built man, Weverly runs the Store strictly as a business. He has no interest in the drama and violence of the vice trade, and is out strictly to make money. Unfortunately, he is not particularly smart. Therefore, he feels that the route to maximum profit is by hiring or leasing space to as many different women as possible, and allowing any level of violence or depravity to go on within his establishment. The concept that higher standards might allow him to increase his prices, and so compensate for the resultant higher expenses, is beyond him.

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