17 Corben S Swords

Corben's Swords sells weaponry. Most of its business is in swords and daggers, but the store also sells maces, morningstars and other hand held weapons, as well as tools. Since most of its inventory is imported, prices are higher than they are elsewhere in the city. Despite that, the quality of the metalwork and the opportunity to own weapons made in the most famous smithies in Sanction, Seaport and Coral Reef ensure that the store does not lack for customers.

Corben began his career as a sailor on one of Freeport's famous privateers. He sailed all over the ocean between Seaport and Eroth, and fought in several skirmishes. He earned a fair amount of gold from this, but spent it all as fast as he acquired it. Then, in one battle against another pirate crew, his sword snapped and he suffered wounds that nearly killed him. This left him with a lasting belief in the importance of reliable weaponry, but he still had no blacksmithing skills. During his voyage home, he used his share of the proceeds from the trip to buy swords in Seaport. He then sold them in Freeport for enough of a markup to allow him to set up his own store.

Corben has no interest in architecture or interior decorating. His store is a simple, solid wooden building notable mostly for the thick walls that he feels give him security for his expensive collection of imported weapons. The building has no evident paint scheme, and a plain, flat roof.

Prominent NPCs
Corben Dremain: Corben still has some of the wild, flashy personality of his younger years left, but has become steadily more responsible as he has aged. He has a family now, living in the space above the store, and feels a normal measure of obligation to provide for them. Still, he has a notable soft spot for those living the freebooter's life he used to love so much, and has been known to cut his prices somewhat for sailors who strike him as particularly bold and fearless.

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