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A popular clothier, Tirwn's has become perhaps the favorite tailor for Freeport's more prominent citizens. Most of the city's merchant princes own an item or two made here, and it has become something of a status symbol for others to have something custom-fitted at the store. Originally noted as a manufacturer of nautical gear, the store has steadily branched out into more conventional clothing to suit the tastes of its wealthy customers.

Tirwn's has been around for nearly a decade. Tirwin founded it after arriving in the city, and initially specialized in making clothes for captains and other naval officers. He quickly developed a reputation for making unusually stylish outfits, and particularly for being much better than the city's other tailors at working with the more exotic fabrics sailors brought in. As a result, he began to get work from richer clients, and his reputation has only grown since then.

Tirwin recently bought a larger building, sitting just across the street from the Sea Lord's Palace. This used to be a small mansion, and it offers more space for Tirwin to accommodate his staff and collection of colorful fabrics. He has not yet finished the job of reworking the building, and so neither the inside nor the outside has yet been properly cleaned up and redecorated.

Prominent NPCs
Tirwin: Tirwin is a slightly-built man of indeterminate age. He is friendly enough to his customers, but it is always obvious that he is looking to end a conversation as quickly as possible so that he can get on with the next thing he needs to do. He started the store after arriving in the city from Arnonia, where is family had served as tailors for generations. The skills he had inherited made him notably superior to most of his competition in the city, a fact that has allowed him to build his reputation as quickly as he has.

Alcindar: A dwarf who grew up in human society after his parents were killed by orcs, Alcindar is invariably superbly dressed and well-groomed. He pities the long, tangled beards and lack of bathing so often associated with his race, a fact that does not endear him to them. He inherited his adoptive parents' craft, and has become the most skilled of Tirwin's staff. Many Council members specifically request his services for their formal outfits.

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