16 The Store

The Store is the largest single business in the Eastern District. It sells a dizzying assortment of goods ranging from foodstuffs and household accoutrements to traveling gear, and is always looking for new products to sell. Merchants who find themselves with goods they cannot sell anywhere else often take them to the Store, as they figure they should be able to offload them there. This approach makes the Store an excellent place to go to find pretty much anything, though it does mean that quality and price can be very different from day to day.

The Store started out as a simple general store, selling a standard assortment of household products made mostly by Freeport craftsmen. After Nox figured out that he could make money by selling the relatively wealthy inhabitants of the Eastern District a wider range of products, he bought his current building from the church of Tempest and began buying leftover luxury items from sellers in the Old City and the Merchant District. This approach has made his store a hit, and he has even begun to attract customers from the richer parts of town quietly looking to save a few silvers.

The Store's current building used to be a temple to Tempest some years ago. After the clerics moved to their current, much grander, home in the Temple District, they used the building as a storehouse and training center. Eventually, they sold it to Nox when they decided they didn't need it any more.

As befits a temple to Freeport's patron deity, the building is an imposing stone structure, with a variety of nautical motifs carved and painted on it. A large statue of a mermaid sits over the front door, brandishing Tempest's sacred trident. Nox has not dared to touch any of these symbols, and so his store is still occasionally mistaken for a temple.

Prominent NPCs
Buele Nox: A cheerful, ever-sunny half-elf, Nox owns and runs the Store. Invariably dressed in colorful clothes from his native Arnonia, he spends much of his time talking to emissaries from various merchants and other businessmen trying to offload inventory onto him. He tries to get away from his backroom obligations to meet and greet his customers whenever he can, with a special focus on the newer ones from the Merchant District and the Old City.

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