16 The Bilge Rat

The Bilge Rat is a cheap, rough inn located immediately north of the One Ring. As might be expected from this, the inn draws a rough, sometimes violent crowd. Fights are not infrequent, and the furniture is correspondingly cheap and durable. The inn is noted for a broader selection of quality beers and spirits than might be expected.

The Bilge Rat has been around as long as the One Ring. It began as a sideroom in the offices of Dahn Rey (the owner of the One Ring), but he quickly recognized that he would need bigger premises to contain the crowds who sometimes attend his events. He therefore moved his offices to a safer location in the Eastern District, and set up an inn in the old building.

The building the inn occupies was not originally designed as an inn, and still has more and smaller rooms than most similar establishments. Rey has done some rearranging, but progress has been slow. The inn does feature an unusually good selection of drinks, as Rey believes that quality beer makes his customers less likely to start fights.

Prominent Characters
Simon Arrington: The fight correspondent for the Freeport Times, Simon is a young man who spends much of his free time in the Bilge Rat because so many fighters, arena staff and fans can be found there. He does his best to get to know as many different people as possible, and has a reputation for being willing to take a discreet bribe to ensure that a story is reported from a favorable angle.

Janis Hawthorne: Always cheerful and dressed in outfits embroidered with brightly colored pictures of fruit, Janis is perhaps the most prominent street vendor in the Docks. She sells a variety of fruits and other simple foods, carried through the streets by her donkey, named Jake. She is famed for her constant gossiping, and knows a surprising amount about many different activities that go on in darker corners of the district. Fortunately for her, other inhabitants of the Docks tend to underestimate this cheerful, perpetually smiling elderly half-elf.

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