16 Melted Pots

The Melted Pot is a tiny theater, catering mostly to aspiring actors and poets. It offers a stage to those who cannot get a place at the city's more prestigious theaters, but at the price of exposing them to an audience that consists mostly of local drunks with nothing better to do. While some artists have moved on to better things after starting their careers here, most end up returning to their day jobs after they tire of dodging assorted missiles from the crowd.

Melted Pots was originally a local general store. In the Great Green Fire, the store was more or less burned down, and its owners did not have the money to rebuild. Since the nearby tent encampments offered enough accommodation for those seeking it, the site went unclaimed for a while. It was then taken over by students from the Institute. looking for a stage not controlled by their professors. They found this old store, with a roof but no walls, and concluded it made a natural stage. As no-one made an effort to stop them, they decided to return, and something of a local tradition has sprouted up.

The roof of the old store still exists, propped up by corner posts that didn't completely disintegrate during the Great Fire. The floor now consists of packed dirt mixed in with gravel, and a couple of small dressing rooms have been set up using planks and other nearby debris. Other than that, the stage is open to the elements and the audience.

Prominent NPCs
Dellam: The most frequent spectator at Melted Pots, Dellam is a loud, raucous drunk who never shies away from expressing his opinion of the current performers. As he will tell anyone within earshot, he has seen actors from all over the world, and the current lot are the worst thing ever. He heckles everyone in what he must assume is a sharp and witty manner, but usually just involves a succession of incoherent rants about things only he can see. He has even been known to start heckling when nobody is actually on stage.

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