16 Horus Leap

Horus' Leap is a rundown whorehouse, often rumored to employ less than fully voluntary labor. It sits in an old warehouse, once used as a guardhouse, that is the southernmost large building in the city, and makes its living serving the most degenerate elements of the roughest quarter in Freeport.

Horus has run this operation for some years now. It started out in the docks, and developed a reputation as a seriously unpleasant place before it abruptly closed and reopened in Scurvytown. Since then, it has moved a couple of times, always with very little notice. Horus doesn't care about the disruption and inconvenience this may cause, as he feels confident his loyal customers will always find their way to him soon enough.

Currently, the Leap occupies an old warehouse at the far southern end of the city. The building used to be a customs house, but was abandoned after land-based trade generally switched to using the eastern entrances through Drac's End. Horus makes no claim to own it, and nobody seems to know who actually does, a fact that Horus exploits to save money on rent. The building wouldn't justify much rent anyway, as it is steadily decomposing in the wet sea air.

Prominent NPCs
Horus: A sinister looking man always dressed in incongruously sharp imported Erothian clothes, Horus runs the brothel named after him. He came to the city from Coral Reef some years ago, and has been involved in some form of criminal activity ever since then. He makes few evident friends, but has also been careful not to get himself embroiled in any of the incessant local feuds. As a result of this, he has managed to keep an unusual degree of independence compared to most of his neighbors.

Raguel: A shy-seeming young woman with short, black hair, Raguel is perhaps the most prominent of Horus' employees. She has worked at the Leap for several months, and is one of the few women in the establishment regularly seen outside it. She is noted for her sad, depressed demeanor, and even some of the famously disinterested locals have speculated about rescuing her from her current predicament.

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