15 The Grunt

The Grunt is a seriously cheap brothel, located right on the edge of Bloodsalt. Because nobody really wants to live there, the area has become the worst part of Scurvytown. The Grunt recruits from the local population, and has a reputation in some parts of the city as the employer of last resort for easy women. It does, however, have the lowest prices around…

There has been some sort of vice den in the building the Grunt occupies for as long as anyone can remember. Nalla took over from the last owner after he was killed in a brawl, officially over money but generally understood to be the result of his refusal to pay protection money to a local gangster.

She started out working for the previous owner, and her toughness and grit made her into his unofficial second in command. After he was killed, she took over; perhaps because no-one else really wanted the position.

The Grunt is an impressively dilapidated building. Nalla has no talent for decoration and little patience for cleaning or hygiene, and the deplorable state of the interior shows this clearly. There are rumors that some of her employees are planning to force her out in a bid to secure more amenable management, but nothing has happened yet.

Prominent NPCs
Nalla: A grizzed, powerfully built woman, Nalla owns and runs the Grunt. As she has no formal education, she believes the definition of responsibility in business is to spend as little money as possible. Consequently, she refuses to buy any of the necessary structural work needed to return the building, and takes every chance to cheat her staff.

She believes this approach is the correct way to run a business, and so defends herself against all the protests from her various staff and customers. In addition, she would like to save up enough money to be able to return to her native Emic one day.

Prendag: Despite being a large and ugly half-orc, Prendag radiates an aura of dark and powerful magnetism. He is a forceful individual, and people immediately notice him. He keeps his long brown hair braided down his back, and several gold rings adorn his ears and lower lip. He often wears black, with his robes more or less concealing his leather armor. He is unusually disciplined and reserved for a half-orc.

He has a fierce reputation in the area, and his gang, the Bleeding Fists, have become more prominent recently. Prendag does not feel any need to hide his role in the gang, trusting to his intimidating persona to protect him.

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