15 The Doxies Lap

The Doxies' Lap is possibly the largest inn in the city, and certainly the largest in the Docks. The inn is more known for accommodation than for its selection of food and drinks.

The Doxies' Lap was built only a few years ago. Its founder and owner, Arron Strathairn, came to Freeport from the Mark. Realizing that war was likely, he sold all his holdings there and came to Freeport as it promised, at least by comparison, safety and security. He bought up a series of abandoned buildings, and built a new inn to match those in the more civilized cities he had left.

The building is a lot newer than most in the Docks, and is a solid piece of old-fashioned architecture. It is a well-built three-floor structure, with clean rooms looked after by a relatively professional cleaning staff. It is known as an excellent place to stay if you can afford it, as it maintains more of a security service than most similar establishments in the Docks.

Prominent Characters
Arron Strathairn: Strathairn is a well-built, handsome man of obviously continental heritage. He set up the inn using the money he brought with him as he fled the incipient troubles in the Mark. He had considerable experience running similar establishments there, and so has developed a reputation as a skilled host.

Yuen the Tattooed Master: A short, powerfully built man of obviously Chi-Cshuran origin, Yuen makes his living as a martial-arts instructor. He is famed both for his wisdom and for his skill at his craft, and a number of prominent youths are currently studying under him. When not working, he lives in the Doxies' Lap, where he pays for part of his board by helping out with security.

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