15 Sunken Treasures

This small shop sells exotic imports from all over the world. It is famed for its extraordinary selection of artistic and religious artifacts, as well as a substantial number of jewels and clothes. Occasionally, it will even have magical items available, though these tend to be minor (and often don't really work as intended). Rumor holds that the store has a relationship with a number of pirate captains to obtain its stock, though no-one will admit this.

Sargat founded the store after he retired from life as a ship captain. He had traveled all over the known world, and had collected a large number of friends among the city's various naval communities. He decided to set up a store to keep busy during his retirement. Initially, his plan was simply to sell a small supply of offbeat items given to him by his various friends, but he discovered he is a skilled salesman, and business has quickly expanded.

The store sits in a nice, roomy old building near the northern gate in the Old City walls. The outside is nondescript, as Sargat has never quite gotten around to renovating it. Inside, the main display room is filled with the store's wide range of random items, with a locked back room that is rumored to hold the more valuable items.

Prominent NPCs
Dirvan Sargat: While he is obviously getting on in years, Sargat still has the powerful build of the sailor he used to be. He spent most of his life as a captain, working for a variety of employers in many different parts of the world. He eventually retired to his favorite city, and opened the store to give himself something to do. Somewhat to his surprise, he discovered a talent for salesmanship, and he has come to greatly enjoy the interaction with his customers.

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