15 Edgar S Apparel

Edgar's Apparel is the most prominent clothing store in the Eastern District. It has developed a reputation for providing reasonable quality and fair prices, and also for employing several different tailors able to make clothes in a variety of different styles. Their use of tailors from outside the city means that they are one of the few places in Freeport to buy clothes that do not look like poorly-repurposed sailor's outfits.

Edgar's has stood on its current spot for three generations. It was founded by an immigrant from Coral Reef, who saw an opportunity to make some money by providing classier clothes than those available in the dockside naval clothiers that were then the only viable source of apparel in Freeport. Since then, it has generally kept to its original mission, and has become something of an institution in the District.

The store has been in operation for a very long time, and successive generations of owners have spent some money to keep it up. The building is well looked after, but nonetheless has never looked very good. It was built by combining a pair of older stores and adding rooms on top or behind as extra space was needed. This unplanned method has led to a distinctly unusual-looking structure, and Watt periodically declares her intention to rebuild in a more coherent manner.

Prominent NPCs
Salicha Watt: A gruff, businesslike middle-aged woman, Salicha is the granddaughter of the store's founder. She inherited it some years ago, and is focused on training one of her children to take her role at some point in the near future. She is not much of a tailor herself, but she has an eye for talent that has allowed her to build up a talented staff. Despite this, she never seems happy with her role, and sometimes talks half-seriously about running off to sea.

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