15 Dead Poets

This small diner is a typical hangout for students at the Freeport Institute. It is a good place to argue about art, politics and current events. This diner has been around for long enough that it has become something of a tradition for students to drink one shot of each of the 15 varieties of spirits on offer to celebrate graduations, and occasionally other major milestones as well.

Dead Poets has been around for a while. It was founded by a former student at the Institute, who felt he could offer a more student-friendly place than the other taverns in the area. It quickly caught on, and has become a popular place for students of all ages to go for drinks and a little food. Recently, it was bought by Helene Malanda, a half-elf recently arrived from Eroth. She has maintained the boisterous atmosphere and heavy student clientele.

Dead Poets sits in a small, degenerate old building that has been patched up so many times it is no longer possible to tell what is was originally meant to be. The outside has been covered in multiple layers of graffiti buy successive generations of students, and Malanda has shown no desire to clean it up. Inside, the furniture consists of tables and benches apparently selected on the basis of their being so heavy and ugly that no student would be tempted to make off with one. Despite that, it is a colorful, cheery place.

Prominent NPCs
Helene Malanda: An unusually tall and strikingly attractive half-elf, Malanda is the new proprietor of Dead Poets. She came to Freeport from Eroth a couple of years ago, driven by a desire for a more adventurous life than that on offer in her small-town home. She quickly settled in Drac's End, and took over the store upon its founder's death. She is determined to use running the inn as a stepping-stone to greater things.

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