14 Treacherous Plots

This tiny grocer sells fresh food to locals. It is also rumored to be a good source of several different drugs. It sits in the middle of the district, and draws most of its custom from local people who live in Drac's End and work elsewhere. These people, however, do not have a whole lot of money, and so the store is reputed to sell additional products on the side.

The store has been around for longer than might be expected, give the short life of most Drac's End stores. Beltram founded it after moving to the area from his native Scurvytown, and the store has stayed on the same location ever since then. Beltram has family members who work in the farming towns to the south of the city, and so is able to sell food for reasonable prices. This has allowed him to make his store into an almost beloved part of the local community.

Treacherous Plots sits in a small local building, one of many thrown up quickly after the Great Fire. Beltram has never managed to collect enough money to either move or rebuild with a sounder structure. Despite that, the building manages to look welcoming. Inside, Beltram piles his produce in messy, disorganized piles. He occasionally makes attempts to clean it up, but has never got very far.

Prominent NPCs
Jasper Beltram: A cheerful yet slightly shifty-looking middle-aged man, Jasper looks after the store more or less by himself. His family lives in a separate tenement a short distance away, and he has never hired a permanent staff. He greets customers without any real enthusiasm, and has no patience with attempts to negotiate lower prices for his merchandise.

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