14 Kergen S Kradle

This inn is little more than a flophouse that rents rooms at hourly, daily or monthly rates. For a copper or two, you can even rent a room for a few minutes. AS suits its reputation, the inn is located in one of the least desirable sections of the district, tucked away amid rundown warehouses and abandoned merchant's offices that now house an assortment of illegal drug and gambling dens.

No-one is entirely certain how the Kradle came by its name. There is no record of any prominent citizen going by that name, and so the generally accepted theory is that a previous owner could not spell 'Kraken'. In any case, the name stuck, and has been in use for as long as the locals can remember (of course, other people point out that the level of local drug use means that the locals can't recall last week…).

The Kradle is a badly dilapidated building that needs a thorough cleaning and considerable structural work. Interestingly, the building is quite a grand structure. It appears to have been built as an office or residence by someone much richer than anyone who lives in the area now, but whoever that was moved away a long time ago. No serious repair work has been attempted in what seems like generations, and determined looters long ago removed every last inch of valuable furniture and other fittings. In many parts of the building, the holes that once supported tapestries or painting can still be seen.

Prominent Characters
Erik the Black: Erik is a large, dark-featured man with thick biceps and a scarred, shaven head. He has obviously lived a life of violence, one he does not seem inclined to talk about. He runs the Kradle, keeping it supplied with the cheapest possible beer and food that probably isn't fit for human consumption. He does not respond well to any attempt to criticize the supplies he offers, and will quickly throw such troublemakers out. Occasionally, he doesn't rough them up first.

Erik does not appear to actually own the inn himself, though no-one cares enough to dig into the subject enough to confirm that. If in fact he does not, he has never said anything to anyone about who actually owns the place.

Fargus Ironfoot: Fargus is one of the most ruthless pirates known anywhere. The level of brutal, sadistic cruelty attributed to him is absolutely unheard of for a halfling, leading many to speculate that he has demonic blood. He is infamous for his occasional habit of setting captured sailors adrift in small boats which he then sets on fire. Alternately, he will order captured opponents to fight to the death, with the promise of freedom to the winner (a promise he has no intention of honoring). He slips quietly into the city on occasion to gather intelligence, and this tavern offers him the best combination of anonymity and proximity to the Docks.

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