14 Gregors Brewery

Many visitors to the Old City assume that this is a tavern when they see the name and the keg sitting on the road outside, but it is actually a successful apothecary. It sits in a corner of the district, tucked up against the southwestern wall. It has become perhaps the best-known such store in the city, and people from all walks of life will visit in search of treatment for all manner of medical conditions.

The building originally was a brewery, noted for its thick, hearty ales. However, the owner retired and moved to a house in the Eastern District. When Towart bought the building, she did not have enough money available to pay for new signs. She planned to, but by the time she had saved up the necessary coins, the incongruous name and decorations had become part of the store's reputation. She decided to keep them as they are, and enjoys the occasional confused sailor wandering in looking for a drink.

As befits a former tavern, the Brewery is a solid structure, designed to be able to survive fights and other such unpleasantness. Inside, Towart has cleaned it up and closed off much of the former barroom to serve as her storage space. The relatively small space left inside the door houses her showroom, where she always has a collection of herbs, slaves and potions to show.

Prominent NPCs
Mikka Towart: Towart is a tallish, thin half-elf. She does not suffer fools gladly, but is always willing to talk to those who are genuinely looking for her help and willing to pay a fair price for it. She grew up in a village north of the city, the daughter of a Black Arrow ranger, and spent much of her childhood working with the local druids. She fled to Freeport after ogres raided her village, and consequently is known to give discounts on her supplies to those planning to adventure in areas of the island known to contain ogres.

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