14 Alchemical Oddities

This store sits amid the quieter part of the Eastern District, near Drac's End. It is known as perhaps the best place in the city to buy alchemical supplies and potions, as well as healing poultices and similar products. It has a somewhat sinister reputation, and those who live near it take care not to offend Havan.

Havan set up his own store immediately after he arrived in the city. He chose the Eastern District because it was obviously more secure than the Docks or Scurvytown, while still being more affordable than the Merchants District or the parts of Drac's End near the Freeport Institute.

In the years the store has been running, it has never caused any serious trouble. Despite that, its proprietor's secretive manner has led to the development of all manner of rumors, and caused its neighbors to become progressively more afraid of him. Some have begun to wonder why Finn won't remove the problem for them.

Havan tore down a dilapidated old house and had a new building constructed on the site. The structure features several unnecessary towers, and looks rather more fortified than it actually is. Havan says this is in honor of his original hometown in Eroth, but other travelers don't recognize the style.

Prominent NPCs
Yul Havan: A slightly-built, swarthy man of indeterminate age, Havan runs the store without any visible help from anyone. He buys alchemical supplies from various importers, and sells both them and potions made from them. He charges fairly high prices, but he offers consistent quality, and so does a steady trade.

Dorendun: A typical middle-aged dwarf, Dorendun is a major supplier of herbal ingredients to the store. While he is as fond of gems as the next dwarf, his real passion is growing plants. This passion led him to depart his ancestral underground home and apprentice himself to a Freeport herbalist, whose store he eventually inherited. He applied the normal dwarven dedication, and has become known has the best source of herbs to be found in the city.

Dorendun is a quiet loner, often seen talking to his plants as if they were family. Despite that, he is invariably pleasant to all those he meets, and delights in the sounds of the neighborhood children at play. As with all dwarves, his beard is a major source of personal pride; however, he is probably the only dwarf to weave peppermint and other aromatic herbs into it to compensate for his lack of bathing.

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