13 The Wizards Pouch

This tiny shop seems to be bigger inside than out. Catering to Freeport's Wizards, the Wizard's Pouch sells strange ingredients useful only to spellcasters. This unusual emporium has been in business for many years, and the local citizens have become almost inured to the occasional explosions and strange-smelling clouds that come out of it.

Olaf Gudenfal founded the Wizard's Pouch shortly after he came to the city. He is a graduate of the Academy in Seaport, and spent several subsequent years working aboard several different ships to satisfy his desire to learn about the world. This experience made him several close friends within the city's trading community, and he uses this to acquire the sometimes bizarre items required by the magically inclined.

The Wizard's Pouch occupies a small, almost ramshackle wooden building in the heart of the Old City. The building is generally avoided by most of those who live nearby, despite the fact that there has never actually been a serious accident. Inside, the structure seems to have more space than it should. Olaf has never admitted if this is actually the case, or if it is merely a trick of the eye. Regardless, it carries an impressive range of magical supplies, and Olaf has the contacts to acquire special items if needed.

Prominent NPCs
Olaf Gudenfal: Gudenfal is a short man, built more powerfully than most expect for a wizard. He dresses in the robes that most wizards do, as he feels it is important to give the correct impression. He has a reasonably friendly demeanor, though some people think he is hiding something. He has been accused of supplying ingredients for cult rituals, but so far nobody has been able to prove the charge.

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