13 The Cracked Pot

The Cracked Pot is a straightforward establishment. It sits right alongside the Longshoremen's Union building, in the middle of the busiest part of the port. These two properties give the inn a lot of business, and it has grown to become one of the largest taverns in the city.

There has been an inn on this site for as long as anyone can remember, as it is a prime location for one. The Cracked Pot was founded by Edelbert Carrick, an innkeeper who left Amador when his family ended up on the wrong side of one of the periodic religious purges there. It has since passed on to his son, also named Edelbert.

The Cracked Pot sits in a messy, irregular building. The right-hand side is a solid, three-story structure that was built to be an inn, while the left side is lower and was originally an office. The steady growth in business eventually allowed Carrick to buy out his neighbor and connect the two buildings to give him more space for customer seating.

The furniture and menu are simple and cheap, as most customers are more interested in getting filled up (with food or beer) quickly than they are in quality. Also, fights are not unheard-of by any means, and so expensive furniture is not a good investment.

The inn does have a small upstairs section where Carrick keeps a few better-appointed rooms and a higher-priced set of wines and spirits for those customers who are prepared to pay for better treatment.

Prominent Characters
Edelbert Carrick: Edelbert is the son of the original owner of the Cracked Pot. He is a competent innkeeper, who knows how to provide a good time for his customers without spending himself into difficulty. He and his family live in a reasonably comfortable extension on the back of the inn, but Edelbert plans to move into the Eastern District as soon as he has saved enough money to do so.

Donna Erickson: A pretty, smiling and always friendly country girl, Donna has quickly become one of the most popular serving girls in the Pot. More than one fight has been fought over her, but she tries he best to avoid getting involved whenever things get out of hand. She arrived in the city just a year ago, and found a job here after a few experiences with people who tried to take advantage of her apparent naivete. She has settled in comfortably, and has become quite an asset to the establishment.

Stefan Simonteo: A grizzled old salt who lives on his Union pension as a result of injuries sustained while unloading a ship some years ago, Stefan spends most of his time in the Pot spending his few coins as carefully as possible. He will complain to anyone who will listen (or just can't get away) about how uncaring Union leadership left him with nothing after years of work, and he will cheerfully rant about his desire for revenge. The Union representatives in the inn roll their eyes, and dismiss him as a bitter old wreck jealous that his attempt to take over as Union leader was defeated. Many people believe that he is a spy for Mr Wednesday and the Family.

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