13 Plunder

Plunder is a pawnshop, perhaps the best known in the city. Because it is located near the Eastern District, its inventory includes many items given quietly by those wealthier than might be expected. This also means that the store attracts a better class of customer than the average pawnbroker's, despite the owner's penchant for eccentricity.

The store is known around the city as an excellent source of all manner of strange and unusual goods, but, in a departure from standard pawnbroker practice, it features a large collection of books, scrolls and manuscripts. Korben is always willing to examine books brought into his store, and often buys them. However, he is noted for his strange taste in such works; the items he buys are often not those that other experts might consider the most valuable in a given selection.

Plunder has been around for several years, though it only moved into its current building recently. Previously, the store was located deeper into Scurvytown, and Korben was very happy to move it closer to some wealthier clients. Before setting up his store, Korben had been a navigator on several different ships. He settled in Freeport at a relatively young age for a sailor to retire, explaining that he had simply had enough of the difficulties involved in finding a competent and honest captain to serve under.

The building the store currently occupies was originally built as a tenement. However, it seems to have been somewhat classier than the average building of that type, as it features stone walls and a professionally built roof. It had fallen into some disrepair, which allowed Korben to afford it. After he acquired it, Korben allowed some craftsmen to pay off debts to him by working on his new store, and consequently it is now in better shape than pretty much every other structure around it.

Prominent NPCs
Korben Moynath: A well-dressed man of indeterminate age, Korben runs the store without the benefit of any staff. Despite the lack of help, he never seems rushed, and has an impressive knowledge of his current inventory. He will approach anyone who enters Plunder, asking them if they have any old books or similar literary works he can purchase. He is especially interested in works of poetry, especially well-produced ones with high quality illustrations.

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