13 Finnegan S Books

A large bookstore in the shadow of the Freeport Institute, Finnegan's offers a broad selection of classic and contemporary books. It also sells supplies for authors, including inks, paper, parchment, sand, and other needs of the Institute. As it sits immediately west of the Temple District, it also sells a range of books relating to religious topics. As might be expected from the owners' allegiance, this selection is dominated by books associated with the cult of Gilidan.

Finnegan is a former priest of Gilidan who decided Temple life was just a little too rigid for him. He decided to open a bookstore as a way of indulging his love of literature outside the clerical hierarchy. In the years since, his store has earned an impressive reputation. He realized quickly that he could make more money selling entertainment-oriented works than he would by focusing strictly on scholars, and so sells novels, plays and travelogues as well as the reference books he prefers.

Finnegan is aware of the importance of looking after his store. He feels that a properly maintained building will help keep his products in goodd condition, and so spends what he can on upkeep. The building itself is a lovingly detailed, if obviously smaller scale, replica of the Temple of Gilidan just down the street. Inside, Finnegan tries to match the respectful tone of that building's library, but the crowds of students who regularly visit make that difficult.

Prominent NPCs
Starol Finnegan: A gregarious, messily dressed man getting on in years, Finnegan is usually found wandering the floor of his shop. He talks to all of his customers, as he is constantly looking for used books he might be able to resell, either to other customers to to add to the Temple's library. He has few enemies, as most of the people living in the area respect his dedication to books and authors. He is always willing to lend a hand to aspiring young authors, even if they don't always appreciate his advice.

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