13 Assad S Smoke Shop

Originally a simple tavern, Assad's has come to be better known for its range of tobacco and related substances. It sits on the Field of Honor, and has become a popular place for people exploring the events and attractions of the Field, or simply shopping, to rest and enjoy a quiet smoke. In the evenings, the Smoke Shop attracts people looking for a slightly classier evening than the drunkards in the various local taverns.

The Smoke Shop was started up relatively recently by Assad, an immigrant from the Free Cities. He saw that the city had plenty of places to drink and fight, but no vendors of quality tobacco products. He had some contacts through his family business, and so set up a store to sell tobacco and smoking paraphernalia. The Shop has steadily gained in popularity, and has become a popular place for Easterners to meet and discuss the affairs of the city.

The Shop was originally a clothing store, but Assad has spent quite a bit of money on upgrading it over the years. The front of the tavern has a large sign displaying a pipe with smoke curling up from it, and a series of benches placed outside. Inside, the building has no cloth wall-hangings or curtains, as these trap the various smells that fill the emporium. Instead, it has a series of brightly painted murals across all its interior walls, each showing a different smoking-related scene.

Prominent NPCs
Assad: A charming, well-built man getting on in years, Assad prides himself on dressing well. He has a large collection of expensive and well-tailored outfits, and takes care never to wear the same one on consecutive days. His family has a long history of trading tobacco across the seas, and he knows where to order high-quality products from. He is often seen in the Docks, haggling with one of his suppliers over the price of a new shipment.

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