12 The Sword And Anchor

The Sword and Anchor sits more or less in the center of the district, and much of the local population consists of current and former Lumber Consortium employees. Easily one of the worst taverns in Drac's End, it is a filthy place with sawdust on the floor and the smell of stale beer in the air. The locals are notoriously close-mouthed and suspicious.

The Sword and Anchor has been around for a while, though not always in the same spot. It was founded as a place for Lumber Consortium workers to stay when returning to the city, and it is still the most popular watering hole for Consortium workers. It is no longer owned by the Consortium, but Salla is well aware which side her bread is buttered on.

The tavern sits in an old tenement building, and shows clear evidence of years of distinctly halfhearted maintenance. Many people feel it will soon have to move again, or face a partial or complete structural collapse. Inside, it is a very cheaply furnished place. The floor is covered in sawdust, and much of the furniture consists of old Consortium shipping crates turned upside down.

Prominent NPCs
Katrin Salla: A gruff middle-aged woman with short, gray hair, Salla is the current proprietor of the Sword and Anchor. She ran the inn for the Consortium, and bought it herself after the Consortium decided it wasn't worth the trouble. She grew up in Drac's End, and has never spent any significant time away from the messy, run-down area around the tavern she currently runs. She is publicly loyal to the Lumber Consortium, as she appreciates the steady employment she's always received from them.

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