12 The Lost Lass

The Lost Lass is a simple inn on the waterfront, located in an old watch precinct building. Given that it sits within a few dozen yards of the headquarters of both the Freeport News and the Society of Lobstermen, the Lost Lass attracts a somewhat wealthier set of patrons than most of the inns found in the Docks, and so offers a somewhat better selection of food and drinks than the usual fare in the district.

The Lost Lass was founded some years ago by Adrienne Bouwmeister, a former member of the Black Arrow rangers from the center of the island. She ended up in Freeport after deciding that she wasn't comfortable living in the forest hunting ogres and worse, and ended up an innkeeper after trying several other occupations.

The watch abandoned the building after budget cuts left them unable to afford it. Rumors long blamed the Lobstermen for arranging this, with people claiming that they were uncomfortable with the law being able to so easily monitor the comings and goings at their headquarters. This has of course never been confirmed, and the watch eventually sold the building to a prominent merchant. This merchant eventually left the city after some commercial difficulties, and the building fell into disuse. Adrienne was able to acquire it cheaply, and set up her inn.

As it was designed as a watch office in an area as rough as the Freeport Docks, the Lost Lass is unusually well built for an inn. The walls are solid stone, and the roof is made of thick wooden planks rather than the thatch or tiles more often found in the city. Adrienne has had a couple of the windows enlarged to let more light into the structure, but it still feels more like a fort than a typical tavern.

Prominent Characters
Adrienne Bouwmeister: Adrienne is a tall, relatively attractive woman who appears to have some elven blood. As she was once a member of the Black Arrows, she is quite capable of looking after herself, and this quality is not difficult to notice. She grew up in a small settlement in the foothills to the east of the city, and, like most inland dwellers, had a low opinion of the violent and uncultured city. After a few years patrolling the mountains and hearing travelers' tales of Freeport, she began to change her mind about it.

Upon her arrival, she joined the Watch, as she thought it would be similar to her previous employer. Her tracking skills were put to good use, but she soon found out how corrupt the organization could be. Disenchanted, she left in search of a new career. She ended up working for the Tarjay family (one of the most prominent families in the city) as a guard, a job she kept for a few years. After she had saved up enough money, she left and bought the building she has turned into the Lass.

Thulmir Quent: A middle-aged man whose body clearly shows the effects of years of fine food and drink, Quent is always well-dressed, and often accompanied by a bodyguard or two. He has a kindly face, despite a calculating gleam in his eye, like a once-beloved uncle now trying to borrow money from you.

Some claim that half the world's wealth is tied up in inside tombs or dungeons, or being used as bedding for dragons. To some, this is a call to adventure or a reason to quest, For Thulmir Quent, it is a business. He is known as the city's foremost authority on rumors of lost treasures and old tombs, and pirates or adventurers looking for employment frequently ask him for leads. He will supply them, as long as he is well paid in advance and also with five percent of the booty.

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