12 Gentleman John S

Gentleman John's sits right on the border with Bloodsalt, and only a block or so from the border with Scurvytown. Appropriately, it is the dirtiest and rowdiest bar in the Eastern District, a place viewed as something of an embarrassment by most other inhabitants of the area. The local Watch are well aware that this tavern is often the busiest and most dangerous part of their patrols, and so they seldom come in groups of less than three.

Gentleman John's has only been around for a year or so. John set it up in an abandoned storefront, taking advantage of the fact that proximity to Bloodsalt had lowered local prices to the point he could actually afford to buy it. He planned the inn to be similar to those found in the small towns of the interior of the island, and so spent little on decorations, furniture or fancier types of food and drink. This meant that most Easterners continued to go to other establishments, but it did allow him to attract a steady supply of patrons from Scurvytown, Bloodsalt and Drac's End, as well as poorer parts of the Eastern District.

This building was once a general store. It was abandoned shortly after the establishment of Bloodsalt, as its owner and his family did not want to live near the violent greenskin area. The old store is not in the best of shape, and the regular fights in the tavern have not helped. John tries his best to keep it up, but the rate of damage has so far exceeded his abilities at restoration.

Prominent NPCs
John Lawley: A weather-worn old man with a flinty manner and a short temper, John came to Freeport from a small town in the interior of the island. He had been a tavern-keeper there, and he planned to use the money he had saved to become one in the big city. He found a perfect place in the old abandoned store, and figured the locals couldn't be much worse than the drunken farmworkers he was used to. So far, he has managed to keep things under control, although he deeply resents paying Finn and the HBA for security.

Moradon of Far Amrii: A tall, handsome and imposing man, Moradon is a paladin of Sul who is devoted to spreading the word of his goddess into the darkest corners of the city. He wears his armor just about everywhere, and always carries a large crowbar he refers to as Sul's Lockpick. He spends most of his time in dives like this one, trying to convert the wayward.

Unfortunately, he doesn't usually get very far. He is neither humble nor abstinent, and never passes up on opportunities to introduce himself (especially to younger women). As a result, men tend to detest him on sight, and he winds up in plenty of brawls. His habit of smiling broadly and healing his foes after the fights does not help, and neither does his cheerful proclamations about how Sul's gifts allow him the opportunity to make the acquaintance of even the least salubrious women.

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