12 Devilfish

A fine restaurant, the Devilfish has been a favorite haunt of every Sea Lord since its inception. The Devilfish sits directly opposite the Black Rose, and was the favored restaurant of much of the Old City until its arrival. It is still markedly cheaper than its newer rival, and derives much of its business from workers in the government buildings in and around the Fortress of Justice.

The Devilfish has been around for several decades, although it has passed through multiple owners and the occasional name change. It was founded by an immigrant halfling from Eroth, whose skill as a chef attracted a steady supply of wealthy and famous customers in the evenings. During the day, his apprentices cooked cheaper and simpler fare for everyone else. His successors have generally kept to this approach, and have made plenty of money doing so.

The Devilfish is a well-maintained old building, made mostly of local stone. The structure is no architectural masterpiece, but it features a superbly designed interior finished with expensive wood and wallhangings. The smells of cooking constantly permeate the building and drift into the street outside.

Prominent NPCs
Jessul Karnest: The current owner of the Devilfish. Karnest is a perpetually well-dressed, invariably polite middle-aged woman, who inherited the restaurant after the death of her husband a few years ago. She is not a cook, but takes great pleasure in the opportunities to meet important people. She does not really understand the restaurant business, and some customers say that the Devilfish is declining under her management.

Celeste D'Arran: Daughter of a wealthy merchant who owned a fleet of ships that carried goods throughout the region, Celeste had the best education and all the comforts money could buy. She used these advantages to spend much of her youth traveling the world, visiting all manner of strange and wonderful places. Now, she has become one of the Old City's more visible socialites, especially interested in opportunities to host dinners in honor of guests from abroad.

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