11 The Sea Lady S Luck

The Sea Lady's Luck is an old tavern, located right next to the Field of Honor. On warm days, the inn's patrons often sit outside, on benches positioned by the staff, and watch the activities in the square in front of them. Bets are frequently exchanged, and the Lady has developed something of a reputation as a center of gambling.

However, its greater claim to fame is the story that, in the early days of the city, it was the official residence of Sea Lord Drac himself. In those days, Freeport did not have the collection of large and luxurious houses it does now, and so Drac found himself needing somewhere to live. He did not stay with any of the city's wealthier merchants or adventurers, as he did not wish to seem allied with any of them. Then, a local innkeeper offered to let Drac use the top floor of his establishment as his home and office when he was in the city. Drac accepted the offer, and so was born the Sea Lady's Luck.

As the rumors about it suggest, the Lady has been around a long time. It was founded by a man who had saved up money earned working in other inns in the young city, and who was finally ready to start out on his own. Shortly thereafter, he gave the Sea Lord a home, and the rest is history.

Maeda bought the inn a few years ago, after immigrating from Coral Reef. She has made few changes, except to quietly encourage the gambling activities on the inn's porch. She feels that this both attracts business and gives the place a new, more daring reputation than its stories of the Sea Lord in decades past.

The Lady is a well-kept, relatively large inn. It has a prominent front porch, with a collection of benches and seats placed on both the porch and the road in front of it. These benches are usually filled with a lively crowd, especially when duels are taking place in the Field.

Maena has added a prominent wooden statue on one side of the porch, showing a regal-looking woman with a shield decorated with Freeport's colors. She says this statue represents the wife of the original Sea Lord Drac, as she was reputedly the reason he settled on this inn as their place of residence. Other people, however, point out that it looks a lot like the statues of Twil often found in her temples in other cities.

Prominent NPCs
Maena Von Rustal: A weather-worn yet still lively middle-aged woman, Maena came to Freeport from Coral Reef some years ago. She brought a fair amount of money with her, and used it to buy the Lady from its former proprietor, who was looking to retire. She has made herself into a prominent member of the Eastern District community, using her ready smile and always-friendly personality to cultivate a broad web of friends and acquaintances across the District.

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