11 The Scholar S Quill

A fine inn and restaurant, guests of the Temple of Gilidan tend to stay here. The Quill sits almost directly across the street from the Temple, and has long made the most of this association. The Temple and its huge library attract many visitors from across the known world, and many of them are able to afford better living quarters than the austere guest rooms in the Temple itself.

The Quill was founded some years ago by a former employee of the Temple of Gilidan who realized that the Temple would never pay to build guest rooms of the standard its wealthier visitors expected. Since the better hotels in the city are some distance from the Temple, he saw an opportunity for a classy tavern located nearer the Temple. Telenn took it over a couple of years ago, and has continued its close association with the Temple. Most notably, the inn shuts down its restaurant to remember the Fall of Alexandria.

The Quill is a very well made building, with solid stone walls. Its founders had access to an extensive body of knowledge on architecture and construction, and used it to ensure the success of their tavern. Inside, it features simple but high-quality, generally tasteful decorations, with the opened book symbol of Gilidan prominently displayed in several places.

Prominent NPCs
Strati Telenn: Telenn is a short, scrawny-looking young man. His prematurely gray hair and beard make him look older and wiser than his age would normally imply, effects that he is of course not at all distressed about. He takes great pride in the relationship he maintains with the Temple, and he makes a point of treating all its guests well.

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