11 The Last Port

The Last Port is probably the cheapest and rowdiest tavern in the Merchant District. It sits immediately next to the local Watch precinct house, and is frequented mainly by Watchmen. Servants and other domestic employees from the northern areas of the District also come here, as it is one of the few places that they can reliably afford.

The inn was set up shortly after the Watch precinct was established. The local merchants noted quickly that the guards would smuggle drinks into the station, and this frequently left them less than ideally effective. On the other hand, nobody wanted them patronizing any of the merchants' drinking spots. To get around this problem, the Gilt Club decided to set up an inn specifically to cater to the Watchmen. This solution has been effective, and has allowed the merchants to control the level of drinking by the local Watch.

The building is a solid wooden structure. While the Gilt Club members do not care overly for the comfort of the humble guards who frequent the Port, they do care about the appearance of their District. For this reason, they did spend a few coins on ensuring that the structure fits in with the neighboring buildings. Inside, it is simply furnished, with an unremarkable barroom and a reasonable selection of ales on hand.

Prominent NPCs
Tal Ingersoll: The proprietor of the Last Port. Ingersoll works for the Gilt Club, and understands that his job is to keep the customers happy enough that they don't cause any trouble while at the same time spending no more money than is absolutely necessary. He is good at this balance, and hopes that his success will soon allow him to return to working at the Club. Tips are a little more generous there, after all…

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