11 The Black Rose

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Merchant princes often dine here, and hold private meetings during the day. At night, their children come to drink, dance and meet one another. Located almost exactly in the middle of the Old City and easily accessible from the Merchant District, the Rose has become the most famous inn in the district.

The Black Rose was founded only a few years ago. Errund established it shortly after his arrival, seeing that the Old City lacked a luxurious inn to compete with those in the Merchant District. He bought a large townhouse from a merchant going through some financial difficulties, and set up his inn. His skills as a chef and a party organizer quickly brought the Rose a high profile, and it has only gained in fame since then.

The Black Rose occupies an old townhouse in the heart of the Old City. The building is a solid stone structure, featuring columns made of marble imported from Condor. Errund has painted a series of black roses on the front of the structure, and keeps a small garden immediately in front of it. Inside, he has cleared out interior walls to produce a greater dining area, and has spent as much as he can afford to equip his tavern with the best furnishings possible.

Prominent NPCs
Nalis Errund: Errund is a suave, smooth man who arrived in the city from Seaport a few years ago. He has obviously been a restaurateur for a very long time, and is extremely comfortable in the role. He has an eye for good staff, and runs a tight ship. He makes a point of getting to know his many prominent guests, but also of never being visibly starstruck or subservient. He loves to talk about his dream of retiring to a small estate in the countryside, but nobody takes him seriously.

Admiral Hrothy: An expatriate from Amador, Hrothy retired to Freeport after he became too old to command a fleet at sea. He proudly admits to having sunk a number of Freeport’s ships in his time, but he hopes folk don’t hold it against him. His noble birth, good looks, and unimpeachable manners make him a popular figure with most of Freeport’s upper crust, and he’s often seen at parties, regaling guests with his fabulous stories of daring battles against the scum of the seas (not all of them from Freeport…).

Liam Blackhammer: Blackhammer has been a member of the Captains’ Council for almost twenty years. He joined the council to represent the poor and destitute, and rose as something of a champion of the people. Stubborn as a mule, this veteran inspires little affection among the council, but his years of experience gives his words more weight than they might otherwise warrant.

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