10 The Star Of The Sea

One of the unfortunate truths of seaport life is that sailors go off and sometimes don’t return. Often, they leave a family behind: a wife working in one of Freeport’s shops or inns and a handful of children dozing through school until they can follow their father onto the water. Fortunately, the Star of the Sea is there to help.

Like many widows in Freeport, when Meredian Clozet’s husband vanished at sea, she faced the grim reality of trying to raise her three children while working to put food on the table. She had few skills and little luck, so she turned to the Captains’ Council for help. She pestered them with regular petitions and candlelight vigils until the council finally assented. She then secured contributions from noted merchants, ship owners, and even the occasional softhearted pirate. With the funds gained, she opened her home to widows and orphans, rescuing the destitute from Scurvytown and offering them a new life as part of her new organization. Within a few years, the Star of the Sea had outgrown her home, forcing Clozet to move its headquarters to an impressive building in the Docks.

This great building stands facing the sea and is one of the first sights greeting travelers as they disembark from their ships. A massive mansion, Meredian had the place constructed when it was clear her own home would no longer serve. Sporting twenty bedrooms, two kitchens, a great dining hall, and innumerable passages and smaller rooms, it is a sprawling place Clozet has expanded to accommodate the swelling membership. As a result, the building has a haphazard appearance, as if built by a madman.

The members of the Star of the Sea are fanatics. They eagerly adopt the mourning uniform of all black. Whenever Clozet makes a speech about social welfare and self-sufficiency, her followers listen in rapt attention. They are practically an army, and an endorsement by the Star of the Sea amounts to a universally acknowledged seal of approval in Freeport, from the highest noble down to the blackest rogue.

The group has grown into a powerful activist organization in Freeport. Its members can be found at every council meeting where important policy is debated, dressed in traditional black dresses and veils; the women serve on the boards of many charities and volunteer in many of the city’s shelters and hospitals. Some of them even volunteer for rounds in the Hulks.

Prominent Characters
Meredian Clozet: Meredian Closet is now in her late fifties, and years of care and concern for her followers have taken their toll. She is tired—and it shows—but the fires of her passion burn hot in her eyes and in her impassioned speeches. She wears the somber garb that defines those under her protection, and she cuts a distinctive figure, draped in black with a pile of shocking white hair on her head.

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