10 The Mermaid

This small tavern in the favorite haunt of the students and other bohemian types that inhabit the northern fringes of Drac's End. It sits right in the middle of the small tenements that house many Freeport Institute students, and has become so popular with them that some younger professors are known to hold classes in the rooms upstairs.

The Mermaid has been around for a very long time. It claims to predate the Institute, though this contention is not widely believed. It was originally owned by a former pirate cook, and took its name from an old pirate ship. Indeed, the figurehead from that ship is the centerpiece of the inn's main room, and gives the establishment its name. Bravon has run it for many years, and has declined to pursue any opportunity to expand his tavern beyond its current intimate setup.

The Mermaid is an old building. It was originally a temporary structure, little more than a shack, and has never been properly rebuilt. Instead, years of jury-rigged repairs have accumulated, giving a distinctly messy and incoherent appearance. Still, it is sounder than it looks to be, and has not yet reached the point of needing to be torn down. Inside, the mermaid figurehead is still the central piece of decoration. It sits in the middle of the floor, and Bravon ensures that it always has a fresh coat of golden paint.

Prominent NPCs
Thadeous Bravon: Graying hair and a spreading paunch mark Bravon as a man solidly into his middle years. He has run the inn for longer than any of its regular customers can remember, and his warm, genial personality has made him something of an institution in the area. Former students from the Institute usually make a point of stopping by the Mermaid when they return to the Institute, and Bravon can still recognize many of them.

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