10 Temple Of Utua

On the southern edge of the Temple District is a small temple dedicated to Utua. While tiny by comparison to the more fabulous buildings, it is open and airy, having no walls, and just a roof supported by four pillars. A granite altar stands in the center of the stone-tiled floor. This religion is on the rise, as the city does not have a dedicated temple to a war god and the troubles in Syr have led to an influx of soldiers and other martial types. Many of these people come here and receive a small blessing and prayer from Brother Giorgie. This influx has created some tension with the temple's existing congregation, which includes much of the city's dwarf population. This group is more concerned with hard work and dedication in less violent activities, a difference which Giorgie sometimes struggles to bridge.

Utua's simple philosophy holds considerable appeal to many of the common workers in the city. These people come to the temple to seek a little support, in the belief that such a blessing will help with their work. However, the temple was built by dwarfs. Utua is more or less the patron god of the dwarfs, and as such they wanted a legitimate temple to him. Initially, Utua's dwarven clerics rented space from various dwarf-owned buildings, but eventually they decided to build their own temple. The structure was set up about fifty years ago, built mostly by volunteer dwarven labor.

The temple is an open-air shrine, an architectural approach not normally associated with dwarfs. The columns, roof and central shrine are all built of granite imported from quarries in Amador, and are as solidly put together as would be expected. The shrine has some cloth hangings showing the clenched fist symbol of the god, but these are only hung in good weather.

Prominent NPCs
Brother Giorgie: A powerfully built man, with bulging muscles and a shaven head, Brother Giorgie is the high priest of the temple. He began life as a street thug in Scurvytown, but fell under the sway of a cleric of Utua who showed him that life serving the god would be better than the short, violent existence promised in his home district. Since then, he has been a fanatical servant of his deity, constantly working to make himself stronger and tougher. His devotion to the temple is appreciated by the dwarfs who attend his temple, but they do not generally seek his advice on issues associated with crafting and manufacturing.

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