10 Seacats Folly

The Seacat's Folly takes its name from the giant stuffed seacat mounted over the bar. This creature has the body of a tiger and the tail of a seal, and has been the centerpiece of the barroom ever since it was brought back by an expedition to the jungles south of Arnonia. Current customers and staff of the inn are happy to expound at length about the great submarine civilization of such creatures that can be found there, explaining how the great seacat empire plots to invade and enslave the coastal communities there. Only the occasional spoilsport asks if any of the storytellers have ever actually been anywhere near the jungles….

The Seacat's Folly was set up by a retired pirate and maritime adventurer named Deacon Aelian, who finally decided he'd had enough of the sea life and wanted to settle down. He set up the seacat as an emblem of his travels, and because he figured (correctly) that such an emblem would help his bar develop a reputation. After just a year of innkeeping, however, the Deacon decided he preferred life afloat after all and went back to his ship. He left the inn in the care of his girlfriend at the time, and she still runs it.

The inn is located immediately adjacent to Chambers' Asylum, a fact that its patrons generally try to ignore. They, along with Silion and her staff, decline to talk about the local rumors that ghosts of some of the Asylum's more notorious inmates stalk the darker corners of the Seacat'a Folly. However, these rumors are very persistent.

The Folly sits in a solidly built wooden house, originally constructed to serve as the home of a well-regarded local lawyer. Deacon tore out most of the dividing walls on the ground floor to provide space for his bar, and Silion has largely completed the job of creating sufficient kitchen and storage space. She has paid to build an extension to fit all the necessary storage room, which prompted further rumors about why she wouldn't use the basement.

Prominent NPCs
Silion Ankismar: An attractive young woman with longish red hair, Silion runs the inn. She does not officially own it, but she is universally regarded as the real owner. Deacon has not been seen in the city since he left nearly three years ago, and locals increasingly do not expect him to return at all.

Silion has done a good job of getting the inn going. She is careful to pay her dues to the HBA, as her inn sits right on the border of Scurvytown and she is aware of the dangers the gangs from there can pose to the successful operation of a tavern. Indeed, she does her best to encourage Finn's staff to use her inn as a meeting place, and they have begun to take advantage of her offers of discounted food and beverages.

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