10 Salon Du Masque

The Salon du Masque has been on the cutting edge of high society life in the Merchant District. Founded by a mysterious countess from an even more mysterious land, it has enjoyed great success in this posh quarter for its elegance, permissiveness, and, above all, discretion. While many clamor for the chance to sample its delights and set aside their own prohibitions, the Salon is exclusive and entry is granted only to those who can pay the steep fee required.

As alluring as it is mysterious, the Salon du Masque opened for business about seven years ago. The Salon promised a place for the elite people of the Merchant District to unwind, relax, and indulge whatever vices they might have. Since the Salon demands a great deal of gold for entry, only the most powerful Freeporters could have a hope of getting inside, but those that have spoken of their time here vow every lord spent was worth it.

The Salon is a large manor house situated on Wave Avenue. Dark curtains hang in every window, adding to the mysterious atmosphere that leads many to speculate about just what exactly goes on inside. On the three nights of the week the place is open for business, two masked guards stand out front, their chests naked and glistening with scented oil, collecting the astounding fees required to spend just a single evening within the Salon. Their masks, depicting snarling beasts, as along with the cruel scimitars that hang from red sashes cinched around their waists are usually enough to deter the unwelcome from trying to force their way inside.

The Salon’s interior is the pinnacle of elegances, with a manicured garden, numerous balconies, and dozens of exquisitely furnished rooms each offering varying degrees of privacy. A staff of men and women, naked but for the smiling masks adorning their faces, attend the guests, seeing to their every whim, but able to fade into the background should they be so required.

To gain entry into the Salon, a person must arrive already masked, and give a small fortune to the guards in the front of the building.

Prominent NPCs
Countess D'Amberville: The Salon’s founder is the Countess. She claims to come from a distant and equally shrouded land, but rarely speaks of it. Rumors swirl about her. Some claim she is in exile from her homeland, while others say she fled the madness of her family. It has even been whispered she was a Sacred Virgin, but a masked man seduced her, leading to her being cast out from her order. According to this tale, she requires her guests to wear masks to honor the memory of her masked paramour, who was slain by the vengeful warriors of her church. The Countess neither confirms nor denies the truth of these stories, using the secrecy of her past to enhance the allure of her

Presiding over the Salon, the Countess is renowned for her quick wit, seductive eyes, and impeccable sense of style. She floats from room to room, charming her guests and ensuring her clientele are satisfied with the conversation as well as the fine liquors her servants offer. As she makes her rounds, she’s privy to many rumors, and she sometimes catches wind of things she shouldn’t. Luckily for her patrons, the Countess is as discrete as she is appealing.

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