10 Heave Ho

The Heave Ho is renowned (if that is the right word) as the worst tavern in the city. It offers poor food, watered down beer, and women unable to secure employment anywhere else. Its prices are correspondingly low, however, and so it still manages to attract a fair few customers. The fact that it sits right next to Bloodsalt means that those customers include a significant number of half-orcs, which perhaps explains how the service can get away with being so spectacularly inept and uncaring.

The Heave Ho was once a better place. Years ago, it was known as a good place to get a bed for the night, and perhaps someone to share it with as well. However, a combination of poor ownership and the influx of assorted greenskins from Bloodsalt drove away its former customers, and therefore it has been reduced to its current circumstances.

The building has definitely seen better days. In fact, even a casual observer can tell that it seems that even a modest shock might be enough to collapse it completely. Bits that have fallen off the upper walls and roof still lie in the streets around the building, and management can be persuaded to give a discount on the already-low room prices if a guest is rained on while in bed during the course of a stay.

Prominent NPCs
Kevris: A gruff, silent man with a disturbingly misshapen head, Kevris is the barman for the Heave Ho. From his appearance, most assume he has some orc in his ancestry, and he has never confirmed or refuted that suggestion. He seldom has anything of interest to say, and never expresses the slightest concern for the complaints made by guests about conditions or food in the inn.

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