1 The Reclamation Project Compound

The compound at the center of Bloodsalt houses the district’s reason for existence—the headquarters for the Wizards’ Guild’s program to restore life to the soil of Skull Island. Wizards and alchemists work in the compound’s laboratories to perfect the Knorberrtal Program, while its factories pump out chemicals to be applied by half-orc and hobgoblin workers. In the short term, though, the toxic byproducts of the program have blighted the earth around the compound—not that the humans running the project seem to care.

When Tarmon and the Wizards’ Guild began the Reclamation Project, they set aside a wing of their guild house to contain laboratories and workshops. It didn’t take many explosions and clouds of acidic smoke to make them realize it was best to continue their research outside the populated and wealthy Old City district. Given the influx of savage nonhumans into the city and the problems they were causing, the council decided to kill two birds with one stone and establish a new district to house both the workers and the project.

Initially, the compound was small and lightly guarded, little more than a few workshops full of alchemical boilers behind a fence. As the scale of the project increased, so did the compound’s size, and more laboratories, living quarters, and offices were erected behind a larger wall. The increased security proved necessary as the project made its mark on the local landscape; the chemicals leaking from the laboratories damaged the soil of the district, leaving it blood red and lifeless. Worse than that, chemicals would mix unpredictably just under the earth’s surface, creating pockets of dangerous substances—acid, green slime, and even oil that caught fire when exposed to air. As inhabitants of Bloodsalt lost limbs or lives from treading in hidden sinkholes, the savages turned their ire on the Project Compound with strikes, riots, and arson attempts.

Harsh retaliation from the Wizards’ Guild and the Redblade Militia quashed the riots, but to maintain the peace, the guild had to overhaul their safety procedures within the compound. The leaks have slowed, and the contamination of the soil has stopped—but the ground on which Bloodsalt stands is still a danger to inhabitants, and their sullen hate of the guild will not fade anytime soon. The compound’s security has been increased, and Maelsom Brass, a specialist in fighting orcs and hobgoblins, has been placed in charge of protecting the guild’s investment.

Inside the compound are more than a dozen one- and two-story buildings. Most are laboratories and factories, containing boilers, mixing vats, stills, and vats of chemicals. The largest building in the compound is the Project Office, which also acts as living quarters for the wizards, Enloquicedo Guild chemical suppliers and alchemists who work within the compound. Almost all of them have homes within Freeport’s walls and prefer to stay there rather than in the less comfortable (and vaguely chemical smelling) rooms here; still, they have a place to stay when working late or if unrest in Bloodsalt makes it dangerous to leave. A single-story building acts as a dormitory for the guards, most of them mercenaries hired by the Wizards’ Guild; Maelsom Brass also stays in this building.

Prominent NPCs
Thomas Kenzil: Kenzil is a long way from being the most respected member of the Wizards’ Guild—not due to a lack of magical skill, rather a lack of ethical standards and diplomacy. Bluntly, Kenzil doesn’t care what he has to do to get what he wants or who he insults in the process. That’s why he now has the “prestigious” position as head of the Reclamation Project—which requires him to spend a lot of time stuck in the compound, keeping track of equipment and work details and constantly dealing with the savage races that he loathes.


Maelsom Brass: The head of security for the Project Compound, and is an ex-soldier with decades of experience fighting orcs and hobgoblins. Unlike Kenzil and many of her fellow dwarves, she doesn’t despise the savage races; she respects them for their strength and their skill and is careful to never underestimate them. She’s being well paid for her work at the compound and takes it very seriously. Her subordinates like her for her wry sense of humor and her unswerving loyalty. If Brass has a flaw, it’s that she micro-manages everything, taking too much responsibility for the running of every last aspect of compound security. Should something happen to her, chaos might quickly follow.

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