1 Chambers Asylum

The mind can only take so much before it cracks. There are many causes for lunacy: the trauma of recurring nightmares, encounters with eldritch horrors, the revelation of dark secrets, and the pain of prolonged torture name but a few. When people become mad enough to endanger themselves and others, they are brought to the Chambers Asylum. Few of those interred ever walk the streets of Freeport again.

The Chambers Asylum was founded forty-nine years ago during the reign of Marten Drac. When he was Sea Lord, Marten became rich through rampant corruption and taxation. He gained and maintained power by the judicious use of blackmail, double-dealing, and murder. Those who truly angered him faced being locked up in Freeport’s new asylum for the insane, never to be heard from again.

At the time, few Freeporters connected the building of this new asylum with the Sea Lord. It appeared to be the work Dr. Chambers, a man from the Continent who claimed to have invented new techniques to treat the insane. In reality, Chambers was a charlatan hired by Marten Drac to run what amounted a private prison for the Sea Lord’s enemies. The Chambers Asylum allowed Drac to confine undesirables in its cells without the pretense of a trial. Once there, anything could be done to them.

When Anton Drac became Sea Lord, things changed at the asylum. Dr. Chambers was run out of town and priests of the God of Healing took it over. Even so, the Chambers Asylum remained a grim place. Those consigned there were often beyond help, and many were quite violent. Even the healers could not bring comfort to the inmates, and over time, the asylum began to affect the priests. It made them harder and crueler. This behavior did not go unnoticed at the temple, so when Milton Drac offered to purchase the Chambers Asylum for a hefty price, the priests quickly agreed.

Milton Drac was, of course, a leader in the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign, a cult dedicated to the madness of the Unspeakable One. During his reign, blasphemous rituals were performed in the Chambers Asylum, and many sane Freeporters went mad within its walls. When Milton Drac and his closest cohorts were slain, the asylum was forgotten in the chaotic aftermath and the ensuing succession crisis.

Three years ago, a self-described “life researcher” named Bianka Altanish took over the Chambers Asylum. She was more interested in using the patients as test subjects than in curing them. She leaves the day-to-day running of the asylum to Clement Moore, content to pursue her research.

The Chambers Asylum is a two-story building made of stone. The top floor, where the staff lives, has windows, but the first floor does not. The building has only one entrance, a large, iron-reinforced door. Non- violent inmates are kept on the first floor in small but relatively clean cells. Beneath the streets, there is a basement level with dungeon-like cells where the most dangerous inmates are held.

Prominent NPCs
Bianka Altanish: The chief researcher of the Asylum. A somewhat pretty young woman, Bianka wears her hair in a waist-length, braided ponytail. She is typically seen in a spattered blouse and black pants, carrying a notebook and quill to jot down interesting observations she sees during her workday.

She studied at the Freeport Institute for a time and worked at the Crematorium in the Shield Islands as an apprentice priest of Incanus for several years. After losing patience with the boredom of life on the nearly deserted islands, she returned to Freeport with a renewed commitment to work with people who needed her help.

Clement Moore: Clement Moore was the steward of the Chambers Asylum and a low level member of the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign during the reign of Milton Drac. He was not important enough to draw any attention after Drac’s fall. He quietly kept doing his job, and the asylum was ignored. When Bianka Altanish took over life got better for Clement Moore. Altanish lets him run the asylum as he wishes, so long as she has enough subjects for her research and no prying families start asking questions. Clement has seen no evidence of the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign since Drac’s death. He assumes the entire cult was wiped out and now just tries to forget he was ever involved.

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